Overseeding Explained


By Dale Samar

Rancho Manana Golf Club


While most courses have successfully transitioned from Winter Rye to summer Bermuda grass by now and the courses are starting to really look good, itís time to tear up the turf and overseed again.


But Why?


The diversity of the climate in Phoenix makes it hard to grow one type of grass during the entire year.Bermuda grass, which is the base grass for most valley courses, canít grow during the cooler temperatures of Phoenix winters especially after the first frost.Thus, we must overseed, which means we mow the summer grass down to a minimal height after drying it out for a week or so.We then drop the Winter Rye seed, which takes about 5 days to ďPopĒ (germinate) and within 10 days provides a pleasing shade of green to the entire course.While it continues to mature and thicken for several weeks, it can be played upon in less than two weeks from the time seed is dropped.Most courses are closed for 12 to 19 days.While greens and fairways may be a little longer and wetter than normal for a few weeks upon opening, the courses can still be very enjoyable to play especially considering the temperatures are starting to cool down from the summer heat.